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During the visit at, the user may need to enter some personal details like name, surname, phone number, email address etc. Personal details can also be required to access some of services. unswervingly follows the Greek legislation on the observance of Personal Data Records. The details given in the above cases are not revealed to others, and in no case are they publicized or constitute a matter of abuse. This information is used only when necessary for:

  • the completion of terms and obligations of the services provided by Magos Tours™  to its clients, the users of
  • the informative support of users
  • the choice of context offered to users so that it is relative to their general preferences
  • the satisfaction of every user’s requirement, concerning services
  • information about new services
  • the normal operation of
  • the communication of Magos tours™  with the visitors of

On exception, can notify personal information of the users in the following cases:

  • the company has the user’s absolute consent to publicize their personal records
  • the publication evolves  natural or legal entities with whom Magos tours™  cooperates, only in terms of this being absolutely necessary for the rendering of any service by
  • if it is required by law, by a court decision or by any other state or regulatory authority
  • correction - deletion of personal data records provides its users with the possibility to request the deletion of any of their personal records or information by sending a relevant email.

IP addresses

The IP address is designated by the Internet Service Provider through which the user’s PC has access to the internet and therefore to sites. The IP address is held for technical and safety reasons of (server, data base, web, etc.) and is used only for statistic data concentration.

The user’s IP address access to pages is possible to be notified, if asked- following the appropriate legal procedures- by qualified police or court authorities, or other state authorities.

Cookies does not use cookies. If, in the future, its use is considered necessary, it will be activated without any notice; it will however be announced at the present site.


You can contact us through email for any further information or any clarification.